Postcards from the edge

I'm so behind on my blogging.

In fact, I'm feeling a bit like I'm so behind on my life in general. I have ten thousand things to do, and instead of doing these things, I find myself curling up with Immy at night, reading long longer longest bedtime stories. I do lazy lunches with friends, work on adding an extra row or two or three onto my blanket that I'm crocheting (yes, yes),  read in bed on weekend mornings with the sun tiger-striping my duvet through the blinds.


There is a good reason for this. One that I'll share in a later post. But mostly what it comes down to is savouring every moment I can: friends, family, my home, my hobbies, my beautiful life. Big changes are coming and I'm gently untangling myself from the threads of my current life. Making way for change, for adventure, for travel and growth. It's exciting, and scary, and nostalgic and sad, and I'm feeling my way through the days, doing what feels important and right. If that means reading three chapters in a row of the BFG to Immy, way past her bedtime - well, I'm going with that.


Immy's school closed recently for the Easter break. We spent the time with my parents and my younger brother in Knysna. The days were a perfect blend of rainy weather indoor pursuits, and sunny outdoor adventures.

Our week, in pictures.

:: Exploring after two days of rain. Reflections, gulls, salt wind and water. Deserted beaches are my favourite. 

:: Her other uncle. I love watching her with my brothers. They are endlessly patient with her. They coddle her, play with her, tease her. They are her staunch defenders if she gets into trouble, and she adores them. 

:: This time we completed our walk in the forest. I took another photo of this eight-hundred year old tree, because, well - just LOOK at it.

Look mama! Umbrellas for fairies...

:: Wind-blown hair and the face of a muse.

:: Rainy days. Mostly we spent these at home, playing cards. Old Maid with my family is hilarious. My brother gets this wild look in his eyes when he has the Old Maid card. Immy bellows with grief if she takes it from someone's hand. I always - ALWAYS - end up losing. Old Maid and Go Fish - best money I ever spent.

:: Exploring slivers of beach that disappear at high tide.

:: My mom spoiled me with a spa day at the Plettenburg Park Hotel. Massages, pedicures, facials - all accompanied by the sound of waves boiling and churning on the rocks below. Best spa day ever.

:: 6am crochet sessions. This is the start of my corner-to-corner blanket. I am inordinately proud of it.

:: Easter. By the time I went shopping for eggs, there were only Lindt chocolate bunnies left. So I bought them, and improvised as best as I could: a poem by the Easter bunny, a pair of slippers, and a handful of actual eggs.

Side note: The Easter eggs are still in the basket in the pantry in the kitchen. Chocolate isn't really her thing. But oh! The HUNT!

:: Lunch at Enrico's. We climbed rocks (mama: let me hold your phone for you, because you're my best mama and I don't want you to fall) and ate ice cream and enjoyed the blue blue sky.


:: Sunset beach moments. I watched her, and I couldn't help thinking:  if I live my life with just a fraction of the enthusiasm, confidence, and sheer joy that she does, I will live a full life indeed.

A new week, and seven more 24-hour pockets to fill. My plans so far? Dinner with my best girl, wine with a friend, wrapping up my book, working on my blanket, knitting a winter scarf and keeping up my Duolingo streak.

Thanks for stopping by.


Grampy said…
Such a lovely photo of my Queen; with her head to one side, a hand in her neck and the most beautiful smile with the sea in the background.
Lovely post as always, with lovely photos. A treat to be with the family for a few days.