February: Ten Things

A roundup of random moments and simple pleasures from the past month.


1. Cleaning up my hard drive and stumbling upon a folder filled with photos of a spontaneous weekend away last year with a small group of friends. Sitting around the fire, card games until midnight, the kids exploring rocks and trees.

Swimming and endless super tube rides, the only way to temporarily escape the stifling heat.

2. Rare weekend mornings when I wake up earlier than she does, and I can take my time noticing every single detail about her. The single freckle on her leg, eyebrows only a whisper of blonde, the rhythmic rise and fall of her breath.

3. Visits from my brother. She loves to hide away from him, and I imagine  her tiny heart fluttering like hummingbird wings while she waits for him to find her. His voice is loud, and deep. It used to make her cry when she was a baby. He is unpredictable, funny and a terrible tease. I think she adores him and is slightly terrified of him in equal parts.

4. Slow Sunday afternoons blowing bubbles, and watching them float up and away into an endless blue sky.

5.Climbing to the top of the world.

6. Meeting the Gruffalo. And getting her book signed by Julia Donaldson.

7. Overcast weekend days spent catching up on bookworm admin. In other words, updating my Books I've Read journal, for no other reason than it makes me happy to have a literary record of the places I've been.

8. This book. All I can really say about it is that after I read the last word on the last page, I felt as though I were floating up through time and space, letting out a long exhale, breaking through and resurfacing eventually - bewildered, bereft and disoriented - in my own bedroom, in my own world.

9. Colouring in. By herself, with me, with her Nana. The book and pens go absolutely everywhere.

10. And this. I found it earlier this evening on a friend's Facebook page, and fell immediately in love. I watched that tiny elephant jump carefully off the screen, step tentatively onto my wrist, walk gently up my arm and perch himself on my left shoulder. I hope he stays and continues to whisper peace into my heart.

Photo credit: Molly Hahn. facebook.com/BuddhaDoodles (you can also check out buddhadoodles.com/)

Happy Leap Day.