Less frisbee. More margaritas.

We've officially settled into that comfortable rhythm that the school routine brings. The days are already melting into each other, differentiated mainly by the type of afternoon activity taking place: Ballet Wednesday, Arts and Crafts Thursday, Little Lab Coats on Tuesday.  The December break seems a long way back, a distant memory of relaxed days, late mornings, and sun-kissed skin.

I sifted through our holiday photos this weekend. There were no grand plans or great adventures. Instead, slow mornings rolled into lazy afternoons, our days crisscrossed with swimming, games, movies.

Some of my favourite holiday moments, in no particular order.

:: Chipped nail polish and brown, carefree feet.

:: Freedom

:: Friendship.

:: Games. And games, reinvented. We played Jenga a zillion times, and when we got tired of that, her dad built her Palace Pets a mansion for a change of scenery.

:: Story cubes. You throw the dice, and then you need to make up a story with the pictures. Sounds easy enough.

Ha. Turns out we were totally rubbish at it. Our stories were appalling, but totally worth the laughs and eye rolls that accompanied them.

:: Hanging out at the farm.

:: We have a book on Southern African seas, which we have read cover to cover a few times. She loves it. She also loves watching the BBC Planet Earth series, so when the two subjects coincided she was in heaven. She insisted on writing down every single thing that we saw on the DVD that matched something in the book. Dugongs, whales, starfish, anemones. It was a laborious process, one that culminated in black ink everywhere (fingers, cheeks, lips, even - mysteriously - her shoulder), rewinding and fast forwarding so that she could double-check her facts.

My favourite was the preemptive check-boxes. First draw the box, then tick it, then fill in the thing that clearly has already made the grade. Unless you run out of space next to the box. In which case, abandon check boxes and head outside to play with the ball instead.

:: Our happy places. Bubbles for her, and holiday book piles for me.

:: A confession: I hate frisbees. The way they just COME AT YOU like that, all pink and slicing through the air. Apparently screwing up my eyes tightly and throwing my arms over my head in self defense derails the momentum of the game substantially, so Rob is her preferred partner of choice.

A couple of weeks back I was all geared up to take some important resolutions into the new year, based on the Less vs. More principle.

You know - like: LESS phone time. MORE connecting. LESS talking. MORE listening. LESS chocolate. MORE broccoli.

But really, life is so busy and complicated and messy already without adding all these tricky rules into it. So now my resolutions for 2016 look something like this:

1. Play more piano
2. Read more
3. Learn to ice-skate properly
4. And then learn to ice-skate backwards

However: because I couldn't completely throw aside my brilliant Less vs. More principle, my fifth and final resolution:

Less frisbee. 
More margaritas. 

It's going to be a big year.

Happy 2016.


Ashleigh said…
LOVE! (as usual). The 'Ocean Project' tick boxes, especially, made me smile so much. I full intend to borrow that technique myself. Also: any time you need a Marguerita partner, I'm there ;)