Grade One: Day 2

Yesterday, Immy started Grade One. She's already been in the school for a year, so Grade One really wasn't that big of a deal for me. When I got to work, somebody commented that my eyes looked a bit red. Well, of course they did. Obviously I cried A BIT when my alarm went off at 5am.

Our morning was slow, easy, fun. We took fewer pictures than last year, and pottered around more. She stroked the cat, I watered my ailing mint and basil plants.

In the car on the way to school, we listened to Imagine Dragons, opened the sunroof, sang at the top of our voices. It was a good start to the year.


:: The morning hair. This may not look like much, but you have no idea.

:: Cat whispering.

:: Um. Those legs. In those socks and shoes. Big and small, all at the same time.

:: Friends reunited after a long school holiday.

:: Rushed family photos, clicked off quickly before she ran away to meet and greet friends.

We found her locker and her desk with her name on it. Greeted familiar faces, and met her teacher. Immy slipped away to wait quietly, anxiously, outside the door for Nosi. I missed the reunion, but Nosi's mom told me the hug was 'epic'.

When I picked her up from school. she looked much more like my girl. Messy hair, dirty feet, pullover crumpled in her bag. And this 'look ma, no arms' pose.

I like my Grade One so much.

So far I've filled in AND RETURNED the extra murals form, stuck the car disk on my windshield, packed two creative, healthy lunches, and attended the parents information evening.

I've only overslept once.

Which was NOT my fault because honestly,setting the alarm for 5:15PM instead of AM can happen to anyone. Luckily Immy woke up early enough for me to fall out of bed, assemble her (healthy, creative) lunch and still get her to school on time.

Grade One. Day 2.

I reckon I'm still ahead of the game.

Also. I've changed the time settings on my phone to the 24-hour clock.

You know. Just in case.