Christmas details...

Immy came home on Saturday from a 10-day holiday in Knysna with my folks. Although I enjoyed the freedom (late dinners and cocktails with friends, no food in the fridge, hours of uninterrupted reading), the house felt mournful, and unlived-in. She'd only been back a day, and there were toys everywhere, shoes littering the floor, paintings drying outside on the table and cut-up pieces of paper strewn like confetti under her table. Feels like home, and my heartstrings are once again anchored to the earth, to this small human who holds my hand and helps me find my way through the world.

We've been unwrapping our annual Christmas rituals. Every year different, and also the same. Different in the spaces we occupy, the growth that comes from twelve months, the rhythms we've settled into that are new and old at the same time.


The annual Swarovski star. Our collection is growing, star by beautiful, sparkly star. This year I opted for the Little Star ornament, and we love it.

Her annual ornament. I hadn't bought one this year, but she spotted this one at the airport the other day when we dropped my mom off. She loved it, so here it is. Her 2015 Christmas ornament.

Bells and baubles and cosy Christmas things.

We put up our tree. My favourite part of this is when Rob puts her on his shoulders, strands of glittery tinsel in her hands. He walks around and around the tree, while she unwinds the tinsel across the branches, top to bottom. This year felt bittersweet in the knowledge that one day soon she'll be too big and this will be another childhood memory,  stored carefully away for future years when we'll take it out and dust it off and replay it over and over.

Garlands. This is the second year in a row that we've attempted to put this garland together. It always starts off so well but we never seem to finish it somehow.

Brown paper packages tied up with string.

We have lots of fun things planned for the holidays. Rollerskating. Swan Lake on Ice. A visit to the Garden of Lights. Picnics and swimming and hot summer sun. And of course, our beautiful Christmas traditions. Dinner on Christmas Eve, reading by the light of the twinkly tree, a visit from Santa complete with snowy footprints, gifts, half-eaten cookies and all the other things that make this a magical time.

May your festive season be merry and bright.


Ashleigh said…
So, beautiful, Megs! The photos!
Grampy said…
As always my darling a beautifully written post with lovely photos in accompaniment.
I have a feeling somewhere between nostalgia and melancholy that we will not be together with you this Christmas to share in the joy and love and to be with my little queen, Imogen.
Lots of love Grampy