Clarens adventure: Part 2

Every morning we ate breakfast, chatting to Karen and Malcolm over eggs, yoghurt, coffee, juice and tiny buttery croissants.When we weren't exploring every nook and cranny of the fairy garden at Kalm, we headed into town. In between eating and poking around tiny shops, we hiked, and walked, and found trees to climb.

Some of our favourite things, in random order.

:: Sunset walks. And a bit of a conundrum when she called me back with a 'Mama! My dress is full of flapjacks!'

:: Exploring the town. 

:: Hiking. We set off at 8am on Saturday, after breakfast. We had snacks, water, a map, and hats. It got hotter and hotter as the morning wore on, so we rested, took off our socks and shoes, looked up at the trees, spotted birds, explored the dry riverbed. We wrinkled our noses whenever we drank water (sparkling!), and ate cream crackers with Nutella.

Eventually we ended up at the same place we'd taken our walk the evening before, and my heart sank. It's about another 2km from there into town (and our parked car!), and I wasn't sure either of us had it in us to do the walk under the midday sun.

Instead, we waited at the gate under a shady tree, and not long after an old man offered us a lift, which we gratefully accepted. We squeezed into the tiny cab of his bakkie, introduced ourselves, and luxuriated in the feeling of resting our legs and feet after three hours of hiking. We admired the quaint stone houses down the dirt roads, chatted about home and family. Turns out he lives in the suburb neighbouring ours, and was celebrating his birthday that very day.

:: Exploring the streets and lanes around the guest house in dreamy, golden light.

:: Handmade chocolates, climbing trees, Shaun the Sheep, blue hair.

We headed home, a box of chocolates in our cooler and a box of memories for our archives. In a few weeks she'll be six, and I find myself torn between enjoying her so much, and wishing I could turn back the clock.

Thankful for dirty feet, plastered toes, and experiencing another new corner with her.


Anonymous said…
My two lovely girls. Such cleverly composed photos and nuggets of information. What a pleasant break you organised for you both. Well done.
Miss you lots, love you lots,
Mom said…
Such a happy post. So glad that my two girls get to share so many adventures. You are such a wonderful mom and she is such a lucky girl!