The colour of winter

It's winter.

We miss our fireplace. There is something so comforting about the hissing and crackling logs, the warmth, the livingness of a fire that brightens up a place in winter.

If there's one thing we're good at though, it's improvising. Cozy flannel sheets and electric blankets, boot slippers and blankets, tomato soup with grilled cheese on toast. Cold dark mornings call for hot chocolate and teddy bears in the car on the way to school, and of course bedtime for Immy is made that much more exciting now that the cat has taken to curling up on her bed when we settle in for bedtime stories. This brings her such immeasurable delight, that some nights I have to kick the cat off my bed (surreptitiously while Immy is brushing her teeth), close my bedroom door and then feign delight and surprise when she jumps onto Immy's bed instead.

We're on our way to summer, but here are some of our winter moments.

Winter sun and lazy mornings reading in bed.

Candles, and bubbles, and warm steamy bathrooms. This is one of our favourite girl rituals in winter.

Hide and seek and a thing for stripes.

A hike in the middle of the city with her dad (he took all these gorgeous photos).


Summer snaps in hard copy.

Farm adventures.

I'm not sure why but don't they all look a bit like Children of the Corn??

Splashes of yellow to brighten up dark corners.

Morning sunbeams...

And the stripes theme continued.

Let's be honest. Compared to spring with it's absolute springiness, summer with it's gorgeous blues and greens and balmy days, winter is just plain hard work. I used to dread it, the way the colour drains from the sky and the trees, the sadness of leafless branches, faded grass, smoky fires.

But in keeping with the rhythms of nature, of seasons, of death and life, this year I decided to go with the seasonal flow. More rest. More time for reflection, for reading, for snuggling up with my girl to watch movies and eat popcorn. More time for saving up, sifting through, sorting out.

Also. Winter has the monopoly on perfect early morning and late afternoon light. Just saying.

Happy Tuesday.

~ m