A life in progress

I recently read the following sentence, which served as the inspiration for this post:

'The soap in the bathroom, the flowers in the garden, the book on the bedside table are all strong symbols of a life in progress. You look at those details, and a world unfolds.'

It got me thinking about all the photos lying on my camera, unused and unlooked at. Nothing exciting, just ordinary snippets of ordinary days. But when I look at them, they ARE details - the details of our life, our loves, our daily routines. The things so easily forgotten, and taken for granted. I have nice-smelling soap in all the bathrooms. My flowerbox hydrangeas? They're thriving, in spite of my uneducated and overenthusiastic pruning. And as for my bedside table? A jar of pens, a plain lined notebook, a scented candle and a stack of books - at this moment, my pile includes Slow Drive magazine, The Paris Wife (re-read), The Future of Your Only Child, The Catcher in the Rye and I Wrote this For You. The details of my life. I like it.

My unearthed, re-discovered pictures.

Summer evenings on the verandah after Immy is in bed...

Kitchen details. This sleepy, sweet cup. And my tiny retro VW bug, a gift from a friend...

Tortoise toe hugs.

Immy and Rob made sugar crystals. Pegs colour-coded to crystals...

Afternoon reflections, and shadows.

A ripe summer peach.

Origami frogs.

Book piles. Candles. Solitaire.

Cat whispering...

A somewhat reluctant Jeremy forming part of a live art installation.

Weekend morning twirling.

This. We went to a party, and this sweet bracelet was in the party pack. Immy didn't have a hairband there, but when I looked again, she had improvised.

It ended up, grubby and sticky, on her ankle.

Sunny mornings. Jeremy's splayed legs are my absolute best.

Rain dances. No rain, but a girl can hope.

Strawberry picking. #tbt

Moments like these that give me a glimpse into the future, and a sense of urgency about living in the present.

Enjoying our details while we plan and dream of grand adventures. Rotating piles on the bedside table, and fresh green hydrangeas in the flower box.

Happy Monday.


Anonymous said…
Lovely post my Darling girl, love all the photos. Keep them coming. My best is the deep curtsy:)
Love, Dad
Melanie said…
Love the photos and yes Jeremy's slayed legs are the best! :-)