37 seconds

It's that time of year. End-of-year school concerts, ballet recitals, class parties, Santa visits, report cards, gifts for teachers, Christmas and birthday shopping. Today I climbed off the treadmill for a bit and took a time out. I slept late, read, baked chocolate cupcakes, edited some photos and watched TV for the first time in forever.

Oh. And of course, I blogged.

Some pictures of recently enjoyed things.

She graduated. And so ends her pre-school chapter, as we stand on the brink of the next adventure. I have no idea where the time went.

Best friends, reunited. The sheer delight on their faces.

Her ballet recital. She yawned through the whole thing. We're thinking that prima ballerina is not at the top of the list of things I'd like to be when I grow up.

Meet Jeremy. He is an angel, and we are smitten. We fight over who gets to hold him, and we were all full of kisses for him until my dad reminded me that if he gets hold of a lip he won't let go and we'll have to cut his head off to dislodge him.  So many unpleasant things to contemplate in that one sentence, so we've stopped with the kissing.

Post edit: Jeremy seems to have misplaced himself somewhere in the garden. Since he's only about 3cm from end to end, trying to find him is proving impossible. But we haven't given up hope.

New piles. Holiday reads for me, and a new book to add to her Christmas book collection.

And, of course, things are getting Christmassy around here.

Lastly:  my favourite quote of this week, this year, and potentially of all time.

Mr. Edward Magorium: 37 seconds.

Molly Mahoney: Great. Well done. Now we wait.

Mr Edward Magorium: No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest.  

37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.

Celebrating twinkly trees, and gorgeous books and all things Christmas. Have a merry week.

~ m