Well hello, Spring. It's about time.

Moving is awesome. I know there are people who would violently disagree with me on this. But I am convinced. Decluttering. Purging. Fresh starts, new beginnings, out with the old. The only thing better than moving?

Moving with spring at your back to help lighten the load.

We're in. We're settling. The house is beyond beautiful. The light is inconceivable. I want to look at it all day. The spaces are open. There is so much air, and room to breathe. Immy runs between our house and her granny and grampy about a hundred times a day. Starting at 6:45am. They stay about 20m from us.

It's all SO GOOD.

Not quite ready yet for a home tour. But here are some of our home details. Things we like, and things we love, and things that make our souls tap dance.

My bedside table in this perfect morning light. 

Macaroons. And more perfect light. I filled - FILLED - the house with flowers yesterday. Because Spring Day is undoubtedly my favourite day of the year. It just is.

Bookshelf love. Happy flags love. And sunflowers. 

Summer drinks. Yay! And yes, I know that's not a margarita glass.

The fairies moved with us of course. They play hopscotch with the sunbeams.

Or so the owl told me...

I've been shopping. And unpacking. But mostly, shopping. Egyptian cotton linen. New towels. Art for the walls, flowers, candles. A million small things that I don't really need but that are absolutely, infinitely irresistible.

I blame Typo for this.

Micky and Minnie Mouse vintage brown paper. My heart.

Mini polaroids in a tin. Love at first sight.

This is my Old Lady corner. Old lady flowers, and Turkish delight, and a piano. Because I rock old lady things.

Most exciting of all - our family has expanded by two. Meet Rainbow. And Sparkles. Who almost didn't make it home from the pet shop today because the bag they were in burst and when I got home they were gasping for air.

Luckily, I am a fish whisperer.

And these. Because our home is filled with it. Love, and light, and spring.

My friend sent me this poem the other day. Here it is. Because here I am.

then, she began to breathe, 
and live, and every moment
took her to a place where
goodbyes were hard to come 
by. she was in love, but not
in love with someone or 
something, she was in love
with her life. and for the 
first time, in a long time, 
everything was inspiring.

~~ r.m. drake

Happy Spring Day. It's a bit late, but who gives a damn?


Alet Martins said…
Pragtige foto's en gedagtes, Megs. Ek is bly jy geniet jou nuwe plek!
Lots of love and hugs!
Anonymous said…
Love you lots Megs,congratulations on coping with the big move. Be very, very happy and blessed. Xx Jeanne
Kris said…
This post made me smile big, happy smiles. Happy Spring, my friend. :-D Love you. Kris
Anonymous said…
Hey Megan.....sounds like it is all coming together after all! Good luck
Megan said…
Thanks everyone :)