The Cavern

Okay. So it's been a lifetime since Immy and I got back from our trip to the mountains. I can barely remember the details, but I do remember this.

We survived the 15km of abandoned roadworks on our way there. And back. Think 15km of torn-up tar, gravel and potholes big enough to swallow a small country and you kind of get the picture. What made this SUPER FUN on the way home was the pouring rain. But we played our music loud and we sang and did our best to avoid falling through a pothole into China, and it was all good.

We met Heidi, and Mark and William. William was the  boy-next-door-but-one. Him and Immy were like a tiny old married couple. Holding hands on mountain walks. Each one patiently waiting for the other to pick up a random stone, or leaf or whatever, still clutching hands. Intense conversations and nightly pre-dinner movie dates. William's parents and I just clicked. You know when you meet people, and you just get each other, and it's so easy. We went to William's birthday party last week in Jozi. They are awesome and I think I love them.

I've said it before. Mountains are my thing. So much so that we are going back - to the same place - for a week in December. Little girl manicures and cocktails by the pool.

Here are some of the highlights. Mostly iPhone photos because lugging my DSLR with on windy mountain walks seemed too much like hard work.

Ah. The mountain walks. Looks pretty perfect, doesn't it? What you can't see from the photo is how things were going about ten minutes into the walk: MamaI'm tired. I'm thirsty. I'm cold, mama. I'm tired. And so on and so forth.

Could have been worse though. On our last day, we skipped the scheduled morning walk in favour of a spa manicure. Mark told me afterwards that there was a 45 minute uphill climb. Which brought on much weeping and wailing (the children) and gnashing of teeth (the adults). He said the entire experience was reminiscent of the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

Pretty glad we missed it.

Countless adventures. New things to discover. New friends to be made. And a million photos to capture the memories.

Prince William and Princess Imogen.

Getting stuck in ice cold, oozing mud. And wading in icy mountain streams. 

Biology 101.

And splashes of spring.

Spa manicures. And alien tattoos.

Sunset roasted marshmallows.

And Jerry, the pony. (I know. Who calls a pony Jerry??)

This beautiful girl.

And this ridiculously beautiful mountain light.Incidentally, this was an impromptu wardrobe change.

As was this.

I mean, these two.

A whole lot of holiday crammed into five short days. That 15km stretch of road was totally worth it.

And. We are officially settled in our new place. Final few touches still outstanding, and then we're done. I was surprised the other day to realise that I took this photo in October last year, from the veranda of my folks' place. Little did I know at the time that less than one year later this would be our home.

My favourite thing about life is how it just has a habit of working out.

Happy Monday.