Treading lightly

Tonight I went for a long run. My head felt stuffed full of spaghetti thoughts, so I put on some music and headed out under a beautiful crescent moon.

I thought about a million different things. I looked up at the moon, and I thought about the predictable cycle: waxing, full moon, waning. I thought about the seasons. I thought about myself, all the changes that have happened in my life, all the changes happening in me, and the good and the bad that comes with that. I thought about the people who love me, who have stuck by me fiercely, even when this road brings me to my knees and they have to bear the brunt of it.

I thought about my sunshine girl. Her easy laugh, and her open heart and the love she gives so freely.

When I got home, I felt like the wind had chased the cobwebs from my head, and my heart.

Things we've been enjoying this week.

After school science experiments. I bought this amazing science kit and we are loving it. Red cabbage powder, citric acid and baking soda seem to be a staple ingredient in most of our experiments so far.

Flower box hydrangeas.

And, of course, yellow tulips.

My favourite things this week? A hilarious cartoon memoir about the author's ageing Jewish parents who live in Brooklyn. And honeycomb, freshly harvested by my lovely friends on their lovely farm.

Rocking horse contemplations.

And flexing artistic muscles.

Paper lantern love.

And Gin & Tee love.

Oh! And this week we started with Daily Dish.

On Monday, our food was delivered - fresh, beautifully packaged, with gorgeous recipe cards, for the week.

It works like this. Everything you need for four meals is included. Every single ingredient except pantry staples like olive oil and salt and pepper. No waste because the quantities are measured out exactly according to what you need.

Everything is fresh, nothing is pre-cooked or preserved. My folks are doing it with us, so we order for four people. We alternate cooking, which means every second night I'm off the hook.

The best part for me is not having to think about what to make for supper. The recipes are super interesting (no more mac and cheese rut), and pretty simple. And the food? Awesome.

Would you look at me, all Nigella in the kitchen?

And this. I stare at her lashes, and inhale her exhalations and try and keep my heart from exploding like a grenade in my chest.

Also: whenever I see her sleeping, Sweet Child O' Mine crashes through my head. Guns 'n Roses love. I'm not ashamed to say it. 

And lastly, this. Which I love, because I find that most days I still ricochet around inside my endless emotions, and my non-stop thoughts. When I read this, well - it helps.

The phases of the moon, the changing seasons, the next step on a road you can't see the end of. It's all motion, isn't it? Moving forward, even if it's just an inch at a time.

Happy Monday.


MJ aka Paps said… beautifully written...makes me feel sad and happy at the same're constantly in my thoughts, my friend.
Melanie said…
Lovely photos! Keep breathing ... We are there for you.