One string after another

I don't have many words of my own tonight. I have overdosed on poetry, and reading, today. Which is kind of a fabulous way to spend a Sunday, but still.

Here are some of the things we've been enjoying this week. Small reminders that life is an oh-so-beautiful thing, and that our small moments are the full stops and exclamation marks of our stories.

The way the setting sun highlights our window for us every night.

Home love. It's all in the details.

And soul food piles everywhere.

She had her school concert. The girls were bunnies, in washing basket top hats, and the boys were magicians. She was thrilled beyond measure with her costume.

Less thrilled to have maybe stepped in bird poop.

And the morning after the concert, I did my first 10km road run ever. It was a huge deal for me. I felt like this when I woke up at 4am on Saturday morning.

But I did it. Got the medal and everything. Already looking forward to the next one. If I can walk on my right foot again by then.

Saturday patio painting sessions.

And summer salads.

And this. Wondering more and more, how this happened. What happened to the time? How did dirty nappies, and tottering footsteps, and sleepless nights, become this?

And small, simple pleasures. Happy hessian. Breakfast in bed. More things that just threw themselves at me in Typo.

Butterscotch brittle and our travel documents. Life couldn't be sweeter.

I follow thepoetrystore on Instagram. She posted this the other day, and I have been reading and re-reading it. I am also going through a slight balloon obsession, which might be why this poem has settled itself quite comfortably in a crevice of my soul.

Reflections of my soul in her eyes.

I couldn't love her more.

Hope your week is inspiring!

~ m