Breaking and entering. And the strong, silent type.

Today I broke into a sculpture park.

To be fair, I had driven almost an hour to get there. Only to be presented with a sign that said 'By Appointment Only'. I only wanted to see one thing, so I hung around for a bit thinking and watching the huge trees absolutely SHOWING OFF their spring greens.

Well. There was a fence. Made, I guess, to keep adults out. BUT. What they didn't reckon on was tiny adult humans. Like me.

Leaving behind everything I had been planning on taking along - lenses, a notebook, a blanket, a hat, water - I shoved the bare minimum into my back pockets. Cellphone. Car keys. Looped my camera around my neck, and weighed up my options.

Option 1: hippo? I say yes. My entry was going to be pretty risky anyway.

Option 2: over the fence? Or through? I opted for through.

And then I was in. And then a golf cart zoomed past on the path, and I threw myself down on the ground and contemplated how ridiculous I was being breaking into a sculpture park just to see an earth giant.

I didn't have time. I didn't have a clue where he was. But as luck would have it, I found him pretty quick.

After finding these two, and almost having a HEART ATTACK because I thought they were people.

And there he was. I was so exposed on this hilly bit, I ran in that stupid half crouch, half run thing that you see in the movies. I mean, does that even work??

Totally worth it. There is something so contemplative about him. His posture. The expression on his face. I was hoping to sit myself down between his feet and write something inspired. But that will have to wait for a more legal entry, I think.

And then - the mad dash back to the car. I ran as fast as I could, hoping like mad that when I got to the fence my keys would still be in my back pocket.

They were.

I didn't get caught.

I am definitely going back.

By appointment, this time. With hippo repellent spray.

Happy Heritage Day.


Roy Page said…
Hahahaha! You are so funny! I love the the half-crouch.