Silly humans

I am thinking about love this week. What it gives, what it takes, how we live with it and in it and around it.

This is the best I can come up with.

In the beginning, we spin lightly under it's sunshine, arms outstretched, bare feet hardly touching the ground while our souls soar up into a blue blue sky.

And next the journey, walking hand in hand. Every day that passes, carving our thoughts and hopes and dreams into one another. 

Towards the end, we carve more destructively. Hurt and anger and pain.

When it's over, we deal with the loss as uniquely as a fingerprint. Some lucky ones walk away intact - changed forever, tattooed by the time spent learning another soul - but still okay.

Some unlucky ones splinter and fracture into a thousand glittering pieces, to be put back together the same, but never the same.