I go to seek a Great Perhaps

I was reading Oh, the Places You'll Go! to Immy the other night, and I was struck - as I always am - by the wisdom in this silly, rhyming children's book. I started reading this to her when I was still pregnant, imagining a world full of endless possibility and adventure for her. Today, a chance remark in a conversation led to the comment that I like 'spoiling' her, when I mentioned that I was hoping to take her to the mountains for a few days next month.

I find this very odd.

I don't buy her lots of toys. She doesn't watch a lot of television. We don't even own an iPad. She has lots of books because I want her to love words the way I do. But when it comes to showing a child the world outside of her very small life - filled with vast, beautiful, infinite possibility and promise? This is not spoiling. It's education. And more than that, it's about making memories that will be tucked away for all time. Preserved and precious. Stepping stones towards a life less ordinary. 

The fog is lifting at last. 

I am loving so many things this week.

New books. And summer flowers.


Flaxen hair and winter sun.

Perfect cappuccinos at the touch of a button.

Learning our letters.

My super cute Polaroid camera. Which I haven't used yet because the film is terrifyingly expensive and I have to read the instructions first. In the meantime, just looking at it makes me happy.

Typography. My current favourite is Jasmine Dowling, and these are my two favourite prints.

This one, for me.

And this, for Immy.

Music. And Turkish Delight cocktails. Long dinners and winter afternoons spent with friends. A photography workshop. Weekly trips to Jozi for writing and good coffee and even better company.

The future? It looks like this.

A birthday weekend at the Royal Livingstone with a friend. Watching the sun set over Victoria Falls and feeling my soul lift off. 

Mauritius with my flaxen-haired girl. Cocktails and mocktails and swimming and sandcastles.

A few days in the mountains. Picnics and walks and pony rides.

And best of all, a new home in spring. She likes it. And so do I.

It's a beautiful life.

And today, I am excited about everything.


Mom said…
This post made me feel happy because I can see that you are beginning to feel happy again - after all this time! Wow - all the things that you and our precious angel have to look forward to - she is so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving mommy - and no - you do not spoil her at all! Mr Williams from Lynnwood Ridge Primary School always said that travel is the best form of education for any child - and that's exactly what you're trying to do for Immy - broadening her horizons and allowing her to live the adventure of being your child.
Anonymous said…
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone... :(