Art Jamming

We had a spontaneous adventure today. We woke up late, had eggs on toast for breakfast and then headed to Melrose Arch for some art, some food and some living it up. We sang Let it Go - which I'm sure is the current universal favourite song of 4-year old girls the world over - about a million times on our way to Jozi. At the tops of our voices.

We stopped on the way to look at autumn leaves. And to prove that princess dresses and Puma's totally rock. 

Today was our very first art jamming experience. It was awesome. Every surface of the place is covered in paint. Literally. There are bottles of paint, and brushes, and paint-spattered easels and kids covered in paint.

House rules state: no crying, no whispering and no soft music. 

Once we painted, and dried the canvas with a paint-spattered hairdryer, it was time for the good stuff. The Splash Zone. Immy was dying to splash.

A mini Jackson Pollock in the making. 

We left with our canvas, having made a new friend and found a new favourite place. Next stop was a giant jumping castle, lunch and Haagen Dazs chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream on the way back to the car.

Spring is inching closer. The sky already seems bluer. The days are warmer.

So many things I'm enjoying:

Monthly spa dates with two of my most spectacular, hilariously funny and rock solid girlfriends.

Paper Towns, by John Green.

Strawberry and mint gin and tonics with old friends.


And new words. Like these.

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. ~ Rumi

It's been a busy, thoughtful, heartbreaking, happy week.

Breathing easier every day.

It's all good.