I spent a lot of time last week contemplating stars. We were away, and every night I sat on the deck thinking about how small and insignificant we seem under such a vast, star-studded sky. Infinite space. My dad pointed out Scorpio. When I looked up at the night sky and asked him if I would be happy - really happy - ever again, he put his arm around me.

And assured me that I will.

This was Immy's first trip to the Kruger Park. Although I am a mountains girl at heart, I wanted her to experience the bush, to see a real elephant up close. To laugh at a giraffe, wait for ages in the road for a zebra to cross, and watch the monkeys jumping from branch to branch in the trees.

Some pictures of our week. We drove through the park, jumped on the trampoline, slept and watched herds of buffalo drinking from the river in the afternoon from our deck. We slipped back into summer for a few days - short sleeves and sunscreen and sunglasses.

Whoever said a change is as good as a holiday lied. Nothing is as good as a holiday.

I am enjoying so many things about Immy right now. Her insistence on doing her own pony tails. Which always look terrible but make me fiercely proud. Her easy smile and silly games that make us both laugh. Her sense of adventure and fearlessness. And how sometimes, in spite of her ever-growing independence, the only person she wants in the world is her mama.

My dad is right of course. I am already happy, in small pockets of time. I am grateful for this life, this family, every beautiful thing that I am learning not to take for granted.

Even butterflies with broken wings.

~ m


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent with you and our little muppet. I agree - nothing is as good as a holiday! Beautiful photos and a beautiful story! Love you lots! Mom