West Coast road trip: Paternoster

On the 18th of December, we crammed our tiny car full of two weeks worth of clothing, beachy things, Christmas presents, two pillows, three people and an iPod playlist with 333 summer songs on it. The only thing standing between us and the West Coast was a 16-hour car trip.

I was totally, smugly, prepared. I sat in the back with Immy, and I had my CAR KIT organised. New puzzles, pencils, a doodle pad and activity books, Tic Tac Toe, Go Fish, and plenty of snacks and water. Just before we left at 4am, I briefly remembered - and instantly forgot - to pack a plastic bag in case of accidents. You know, of the carsick kind. Let's just say that smug flew out the window at about the same time that Immy turned six shades of green next to me. Twice.

Moving on.

After a 10-hour drive, we pulled into Lemoenfontein for a swim and a drink, and a well-deserved break from travelling. I'm always nervous that overnight places are going to be awful - nothing worse than starting or ending your holiday in a dingy 2-star hotel with smelly towels and cobwebs in the shower.

It was heaven. A pool with shady deckchairs to while away the hot afternoon. An honesty bar. A proper Karoo dinner, complete with obligatory Karoo lamb. And eventually retiring at the end of a very long day to a beautiful high-ceilinged room and a massive, downy bed.

Refreshed, we set off for the last leg of our journey. We arrived in Paternoster at about 4pm, to our cottage with a view of the sea and a 2-minute walk from a quiet beach.

My absolute favourite thing to do on holiday is to wake up early with Immy, and head to the beach before anybody else gets there. Something about a deserted beach on a warm summer morning makes me feel like I finally have the space to inhale freedom, exhale peace.

We explored. Climbed up dozens of steep steps to the top of Cape Columbine lighthouse. Lunched, and dined at beautiful restaurants with beautiful views. Watched the seagulls wheel and dive above the fishing boats. She made new friends while hubby and I had long lazy conversations over glasses of wine and sunset vistas.

A very chilly dip in the pool after lunch at Reubens. This is as far as Rob was willing to go.

The Noisy Oyster. And an elbow photo bomb.

Our first few days passed  us by - lazy, unrushed, comfortable.

Every time we left our cottage, Immy would ask us anxiously: are we coming back to our village?

She told us she would like to live in a village forever. On the condition that her grandparents, her friends, and her school all relocated.

On day 4, we left behind the white-washed cottages and boat-strewn beach and set off on the next leg of our trip. With TWO plastic bags, just in case.


Melanie said…
It looks like a wonderful and relaxing holiday! :)