This and That

For dinner tonight we had pasta with a tomato and herb sauce, and a summer salad. When I put Immy's plate down in front of her, she looked suspiciously at the pasta, stuck her finger in the sauce and tasted it. The verdict was an unfavourable one. When I asked what was wrong with it (mentally armed with replies for any reason she could possibly give), she said: It tastes very red. 

Final score: 4-year old, ONE. Comebacks - ZERO.


We are one month into the new year already. A month of re-establishing routines - the school run, early bedtime, swimming lessons, work and a to-do list that seems literally to sprout more tasks every night while I sleep. We're getting to bed earlier, and waking up earlier. Which means calmer mornings, and a happier start to each day.

A glimpse of this and that from our January.

First day back at school. She couldn't wait. She picked out the hugest school bag on wheels. I'm not sure why, because the only things we actually pack in it are one extra set of clothes and a bottle of water.

Weekends in the garden with the usual suspects - toys, and painting, and puzzles.

And this. When I asked her what she was doing, she said 'I'm putting my kids to bed'. I find 'the kids' in random places throughout the house - in her bed, under the duvet. On the couch, tucked in under a blanket.

And in this case, snuggled up in her tent.

We blew up her pool. It took absolute ages - and not surprisingly, about 10 minutes after we finally got it inflated and half-filled with water, the thunder clouds rolled in and stayed for the rest of the weekend.

Simple celebrations.

Like slow Sunday mornings, with freshly-brewed coffee, and scones straight from the oven.

Reading. And writing. REAL writing - in a book, with a pencil. Flowers from the garden, and candles, candles, candles. 

And finally - my moment of the month. Finding her outside, looking like this. Ama-ama-rockstar.

We're getting ready to celebrate a birthday next week - and Valentine's Day of course. I've already got some handmade felt heart brooches (matching ones!) on the way for us girls. Rob politely declined the offer.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy January!


Melanie said…
So beautiful! Love the photos.