Hello, 2014.

We're back from an unforgettable family holiday. And somehow we've already transitioned into the new year, when I feel like I still have both feet firmly planted in 2013.

This holiday was profound for me in so many ways. The sheer joy of spending two solid weeks in the company of the two people I love most in this world. We explored, and rested, and celebrated. More of this to come in the next few posts (with about a million accompanying photos) - but for now I am still soaking it all in.

2014. Our deepest and most cherished hopes have the courage to show themselves again when we are standing on the cusp of a new year. My dreams for this year? To look for, and find, the beauty in each day. To learn, with grace, the lessons marked out for me. To do the best I can with what I have, and to let go of the guilt when I can't do it all. To be present. To be grateful.

To 2014, and all the adventures yet to come.

Happy new year.

A sneak peek of favourite IG photos from our holiday.