West Coast Road Trip: Cape Town

The most daunting thing for me about a new blog post is sifting through all the photos to choose just the right ones to tell our story. Sounds un-intimidating, I know. But since I actually know very little about my camera, I end up taking a zillion photos in the hopes that somewhere along the line I'll have captured that moment. Earlier this week, I sat up until after midnight for two nights in a row selecting photos for this post - none of which I felt happy with. So I deleted all my selections up to that point, and took a break for a couple of nights. I finished my book, did a bit of painting, spent a shameful amount of time playing Run Cow Run! and have returned tonight ready to tell our Cape Town story.

We took two day trips into Cape Town. Our first trip was inspired by a beautiful, cloudless day. All looked good for our plan, which was to take the cable car up Table Mountain - a trip down memory lane for Rob and I (we did it together over ten years ago), and a new adventure for Immy.  As we drew nearer to Cape Town, we saw that the sky was indeed cloudless - because every single cloud was cunningly lying on top of the mountain. This meant the cableway was closed, our plans were somewhat derailed and other Cape Town pursuits were turned to instead.

Lunch in Camps Bay, followed by a drive up Signal Hill. The perfect place to view the offending clouds and blanketed mountain up close.

The view of the mountain driving down from Signal Hill. Taken through the windscreen, ahem.

Next stop was the aquarium. We got side-tracked by all sorts of things - the science lab, the touch pool and a slightly bizarre puppet show on why frogs are super important and what we should be doing to save them.

We checked the weather reports, and picked another perfect summer day for our second attempt. This time we started things off with a picnic lunch, a bit of rolling around in the grass, in-between resting and some crazy swinging.

And then we were at the front of the queue, and then we were on the cable car, and next thing we knew we were walking among the clouds. Gosh. I've been up there before, but every time I am just DAZZLED. The silence. The views.

We breathed the fresh air, and walked a slow loop around the top of the mountain. We admired the view, took pictures and watched as Immy scuttled up every rock, enjoying the feeling of being temporarily obscured by a drifting cloud. We gathered ourselves tighter in our warm hoodies when the weather turned chilly, and then hostile. Damp, icy fog and a stiff wind.

Ah. Moody mountain. By the time we got down to the bottom, she was feeling like this.

On the way back after a long, satisfying day, I looked out the back window of the car at Table Mountain receding in the distance, and wondered - as I always do when I visit this beautiful Mother City of ours - CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE REMIND ME WHY I'M NOT LIVING HERE???

One final instalment of our West Coast road trip to come. On retirement, a Book Hotel and the kind of quiet where you can hear your soul breathe.