Today you are four

Dear Immy,

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon four years ago today, your daddy and I folded up our old life neatly and tucked it away forever. You came into the world and time breathed deeply and a mommy and a daddy were born.

Today you are four.

We had a small celebration at home for you - with all your favourite people who love you most in the world.

Yesterday we baked cupcakes, and you decorated them. Last night while you slept, I cut out heart bunting and wrapped your presents and marvelled at four years gone by.

You had a birthday visit from the fairies. They haven't dropped by for a while, but they left you some beautiful fairy treasures: special magic fairy dust and a beautiful ballerina ornament, all yours - for our Christmas tree.

I think your favourite present was your tent. We spent most of the morning in it.

Today you are four.

You are cheerful, energetic, and wildly enthusiastic about everything. You love to sing. You laugh easily, and often. The sound of it is like warm liquid sunshine, and the feel of it is even better.

You have a gentle and generous heart. You always give your things away - sweets, toys, anything.

You love to accessorise. A shoelace tucked into your alice band. A bangle worn above your elbow. Rings and wings and fairy things.

You love to run, climb, jump, swing and swim. If you struggle with something, you walk away for a while. I know you will try again when the time is right, and it'll be plain sailing from there.

Every night at bedtime, we lie together and whisper in the dark. Sometimes you ask me to say a prayer for you. Sometimes we sing, and sometimes we talk about the best parts of our day. I hope we can do this as you grow older and the world becomes a more bewildering place for you to navigate.

You're my best girl.

Happy fourth birthday. Life with you is an unending adventure.

Love you forever.