Celebrating Four

On Saturday I leapt out of bed at 6:20am and inched the curtains open - fully expecting to see green grass sparkling in the sunshine after an entire week of rain. Instead, the world was grey. GREY. And I willed it not to rain for Immy's party and got on with the business of getting everything ready.

Her party requests were simple. She wanted her school friends there. She wanted a 'real' Dora cake (the not-real version being an ice-cream cake). And she wanted Dora 'blow things'.

Done, done and done.

My cute glass vases blew over one by one, resulting in lilac cascades on the tablecloths. The balloons had to be held down with bricks. The paper plates frisbeed off the table and had to be stacked up in a pile.

But it didn't rain.

Our girl's perfect, happy day in pictures.

Some got the 'strike-a-pose' memo. But not all.

This. A free smile-out-loud for you.

Dora blow things? Nailed it.

After the cake was eaten and the kids were working off their excess energy on the jumping castle, Immy sidled up to me, gave me a dazzling smile and proclaimed: Mommy. I got birthday cake FIRST.

Meerkats. Fascinating. And smelly. Like SUPER smelly.


Note to self.

Kids? They don't notice bad weather. And wind. If there are friends - and a real cake of course - it's perfection.


The table and the cake are absolutely beautiful! You outdid yourself again.