Sun City weekend

This post is slightly overdue, considering we have been back from our brief weekend getaway for almost two weeks.

I'm not entirely sure why, but we decided that a weekend break just before our December holiday seemed like a great idea. And yes. By we, I again mean totally me. Rob and Immy most often just come along for the ride.

Beautiful pools, a play area for kids, The Valley of Waves and waiters bearing trays of adult beverages. Sun City. It just never gets old.

There was an awful lot of water-running.

And sliding.

And general splashiness.

Other amusements were to be found along the way. A huge leaf. And a bucket and spade.

When we weren't hanging out here, we were lounging around at the hotel pool. Rob was issued strict instructions to throw her high in the air, and not catch her because she wants to go under the water all the time.

Swimming rocks her world.

There were also calmer pursuits. An early evening walk down to the dam to watch the birds settle and the moon rise.

On Sunday morning after breakfast we headed off for a final swim before checking out and heading home. I was dead keen on going to the Butterfly Sanctuary, which we did. Total number of butterflies in the sanctuary? About 3. Turns out it's not breeding season. Still - our guide was super lovely, and Immy was very taken with the koi fish in the pond.

Plus this little guy stayed really still for me so that I could take just one photo.

Holidays are around the corner, and my Christmas gifts are sorted. A few evenings of online shopping earlier this month, and I am smiling all the way through my brown-paper and red ribbons wrapping.

21 sleeps until we leave for holidays.

High-fiving summer all the way.