Just Home

A short post on our weekend. After a crazy week, we decided to cancel our plans (except for lunch with friends) and opted to stay in and recharge our batteries.

Some pictures of our home-grown weekend.

Outdoor painting.

A helping hand to get her started. Turning is still a manual process. Stop the bike (front wheel in the bush/through the gate/in the ditch), climb off, turn the handlebars to face the right direction and get back on again. Slow, but steady.

On Saturday, we had lunch with friends. The two girls were in their element. They disappeared into Maya's bedroom, where they dressed each other up and applied some shaky-looking makeup.

Ballerina princesses and mud pies. A perfect late-afternoon combination.

First sighting of Christmas lights.

Overcast weather and some indoor arts and crafts.

McDonald's backyard picnic. And a bit of ring bling.

New books. Green grass. Dappled light.

We're in the starting blocks for the final sprint to the end of the year. School concerts, holiday planning, party planning, Christmas festivities planning.

And a few things to sweeten life up. Like taking Immy to her first real ballet at the State Theatre.  A weekend away. Nights on the trampoline-turned-planetarium, with all three of us lying under the stars talking about constellations.

Just Home. With some imagination, it can be a pretty charming place too.