Purple October

~ For Katy

Once a year, in October, the jacarandas bloom and our humble city bursts into a symphony of green and purple.

The song in our streets looks something like this.

My long-suffering husband drove me all around this area of Pretoria on Sunday morning, stopping the car and waiting patiently for me to take a million tree photos. After the first two stops, we unstrapped Immy and let her out of the car for a bit of leg-stretching and dress-twirling.

Recently, my father-in-law told me about the white jacarandas that only bloom in one street in the city. White jacarandas? Lived here all my life, and never knew about them. Never seen them.

Until now. Me - and the Chinese tourists. Those guys just know everything.

Snowflake explosions against a clear blue sky.

We drove past a public park. And Immy hung out the window, and said Are we having our picnic here?

And we said yes. And pulled over, and unpacked our stuff and spent the next few hours like this.

Making new friends.




And more chatting.

Those toes!

Also - if Rob didn't have a right ankle and foot, this is how he would look.

Playing Go Fish. Which requires very flexible (i.e. none at all) rules when your opponent is four. She just doesn't get the concept of don't show Daddy your cards.

We ate and drank, walked and talked, read and played.

Driving home, we passed a million more jacarandas.

Which just goes to show: Pretoria might not be as glamorous as Jozi, or as cosmopolitan as Cape Town - but she sure is pretty in the springtime.


Katy said…
Just love these photos Megan. Feeling so homesick for Pretoria right now! Miss you lots my friend. And yes you are right - Pretoria is not as cosmopolitan a city as Joburg but oh so pretty. I also love that Immy is rocking a fabulous Hello Kitty outfit in this pics :-). Hugs from Kampala xxx
Katy said…
And I feel super honoured to have one of your fantastic blog posts dedicated to me :-)
Melanie said…
The day theory vs practice in picnic terms evidently came together! Looks wonderfully relaxing. xx
Wow, seeing your posts on a computer screen (the way they were meant to be seen) versus a Blackberry screen... leagues apart! The photos are beautiful!