Sugar and Spice

A little girl.

I have come to realise that this means all sorts of things to a mommy and daddy who are receiving a first-rate education every day in all things little. And girly.

On Sunday we went to the Lego fair. We dodged hundreds of people milling around, and fought our way into the toy shop - where Immy stopped dead in her tracks.


She was spellbound. Row after row of Barbie dolls, and Barbie hairdryers and watches and mermaids with colour-changing tails. I tried to lure her over to the Sylvanian Families section, with leading questions like wouldn't you LOVE a house like this for your birthday? Look at the cute furniture! And the baby room!

She wavered on baby room, and I almost thought I had her. She nodded absently, but her gaze was magnetically pulled back to all that pink, again and again. So I gave up and we headed back. And then I heard her awed whisper. Oh mama. She literally breathed the words. I looked to where she was pointing, stars dancing in those blue blue eyes. A Barbie makeup kit. And in that instant, I knew: no matter how much I am dying to get her a Sylvanian Families house for her birthday, with all that cute furniture and this hedgehog family, that makeup kit makes my little girl's heart sing. I see many hours of inexpertly applied makeup in our future. On me, by her.

I am so grateful that all my pre-conceived notions about the right way to raise a girl - which never included nail polish, or Barbie makeup, or Barbie in general for that matter - have long ago dried up in the sunshine of her smile, because these things make her happy.

Also - she will outgrow Barbie eventually. And when that day comes, I'll be entering stage left with my Sylvanian Families house.

Even if she's sixteen.


Weekend snaps, and other things we're enjoying.

A Lego hobbit-hole, complete with mini-Gandalf and mini-Frodo.

Playing in a water fountain. Fully clothed.


An old childhood favourite. Because every child deserves to dream about Moonface, and Silky, and the Slippery Slip.

This weekend, I couldn't shake the feeling that a whole two days were passing me by, and somehow I just wasn't doing enough with them. But then on Sunday afternoon, it was overcast and rainy. And while her daddy got some much-needed rest on the couch, we crawled under the covers and read books. And played tickle tickle. And Go Fish - about a zillion times.

Which turned out to be the perfect remedy for sweeping those blah cobwebs away, and giving me a big nudge in the direction of a better and brighter week.

Happy Monday.