On Writing

Well, I've done it. After literally 6 months of procrastinating, I have at last signed up for an online writing course. I'm not sure what took me so long. But now it's done, and I've received my first module and I feel twitchy and nervous. Mostly because I don't want somebody telling me not to start my sentences with the word and. And mostly.

For me, writing is the therapy that allows me take a jumbled, messy heap of feelings, unravel them, and string them one by one into words, and then sentences. Surprisingly, I've never kept a journal. Way too stressy. Writing by hand is so slow, and I am always getting distracted by how my handwriting looks or whether the pen is leaving ink splotches on the page which I just know will inevitably smudge when I'm not looking. The end result of these endeavours is that the book normally ends up getting tossed aside, because it all just seems too much, somehow. Sad but true.

Module one of my course expects me to actually write for a fixed time period each day - in a book -  without censoring myself or even thinking about what I write. And then submitting a paragraph from those ramblings, for review. I asked Rob if I couldn't skip the physical writing part and just submit something cute from my blog?  He gave me that look. The one that says I'm not going to say anything out loud at this point but that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in all my born days. Or something like that. I slunk off to consider my shortcomings and decorate my moleskin notebook with some washi tape and write 'Notes' on the cover. Off to a cracking start, methinks.

Some weekend highlights and odds and ends. We stayed with my folks for a change of scenery while Rob was away on a team-building weekend. I didn't pack my camera, thinking that I would take photos with my phone if I really needed to, because we didn't have much planned and we were only going five minutes down the road.

I snapped away during the weekend with my brand new iPhone, and even roped my brother into taking a really cute picture of us girls. I was feeling quite pleased with myself when I handed the phone to Rob on Sunday night for him to take a look. He casually swiped through the photos, and then handed me back the phone - along with this bombshell: You should really get a cover for your phone. Because until you take off the plastic phone protector that's COVERING YOUR LENS, your photos are going to keep coming out really grainy.

It was like taking a heel to the solar plexus. And yes, I know exactly how this feels because Immy demonstrated it to me on Friday night when we were sleeping next to each other in my mom's guestroom.

So here they are. A few highlights from the weekend, because a grainy picture is still better than no picture at all.

A long-overdue date with a friend that started off as a breakfast, meandered into lunch and cocktails, and finally ended up in a four-hour visit and a worried text from my mom checking that we were all right.

Our girls

The light just before our first real rainstorm of the season.

This picture of us.

Soul food.

A new pile of books - and this exquisite moth orchid that was a birthday gift from a friend.

The plastic cover? Removed.

The lesson? Never ever leave home without your camera. But if you do, make the most of it and don't sweat the grainy stuff.


Stop decorating that book and write in it!