Sunday mornin' sidewalk

Tonight I played this song for Rob. He hadn't heard it before, which surprised me since I listened to it so much growing up. My dad was a huge fan of music, so on weekends when we visited he would play his favourite albums and educate us: Kris Kristofferson, Chris de Burgh, Neil Diamond. Sometimes the songs made me feel sad. Or it could just have been that we normally listened to them on a Sunday, and Sundays always felt a bit lonely. I had many complex emotions tied up in Sundays when I was growing up, and I've been thinking about them a lot because for some reason, Sunday Morning Coming Down - which I haven't heard in about 20 years - has been circling in an endless loop around my head for the last two months.

On a Sunday mornin' sidewalk,
Wishing Lord that I was stoned,
'Cos there's something in a Sunday,
Makes a body feel alone,
And there's nothing short of dying,
Half as lonesome as the sound,
As the sleeping city sidewalks,
Sunday mornin' comin' down.

The song feels different now. Less sad, and more nostalgic. Memories of tinned condensed milk, and drive-in movies and summers spent next to the pool. Thanks to YouTube, I've taken a gentle walk down memory lane this evening. Listening to all those songs that made such an impression on me when I was a child. Including Spanish Train which gave me sleepless nights because I was so worried that God would lose the chess game just like he lost the poker game (that cheating Devil!) and my soul would end up in the wrong place. This is heavy stuff when you're ten or eleven years old.

Nowadays, my Sunday's are spent in hazy contentment. I love the quietness that is Sunday. The slow winding down of a week. Melancholy Sunday music has been replaced by the theme tune of Little Einstein's, or streaming a cheesy radio station. I love our small Sunday rituals. Rob watering the garden, with that summer-wet-soil smell drifting in at the windows. Late afternoon walks through the neighbourhood. Grocery cupboards and fridge freshly stocked for the week, and long goodnights, and stories and choosing clothes for school tomorrow. Cheese on toast with a cup of tea and a new book.


Some snaps from earlier this week. We had a 7am breakfast date on Tuesday with a bunch of people from Rob's work. Our hosts were lovely, and their garden was magical.

Wardrobe change. We had to work with whatever was dry-ish at the time.

Okay. I confess - I'm not much of a dog person. But this dog makes me think that I just hadn't met the one yet.

Dog photo bomb. But doesn't she just look like she belongs with us?

In a few days I will be celebrating a birthday. Maybe this is why I'm feeling so nostalgic. Mulling over all the stories, moments, decisions that make up my life so far - and contemplating my blank tomorrow's.

But today?

I'm happy it's Sunday. I'm happy it's spring.

I'm happy to be me.