Spring whimsy

Tonight Immy and I had dinner with my parents. She showed us her latest ballet lesson moves. Skinny arms fluttering like birds, small hands curled around holding her 'baby' and my absolute best - Sleeping Flower. I'm going through one of those weeks when I stare into the miracle that is her, and wonder: where did the time go? When did she become tall and able to blow her nose and tell me that her grass burn has a fever when the warm bath water hits it for the first time?

It's spring at last. The sky is summer-blue and everywhere there are blooms and buds and brand new leaves. Reminders everywhere of life, and hope, and the promise of good things to come. SO NON-AUGUSTY.

Love spring.

We've been doing some spring sprucing up in our home. Small changes that make me feel happy.  Starting off with the delivery of the traditional spring bouquet at my office from The Husband that had me staggering through the corridors trying to find a vase big enough to put them into. Same problem when I got home, so I ended up being very creative and floristy and splitting the bouquet into four different vases. Truth.

We're celebrating...

Spring flowers.

Whimsical art. This print was my first Etsy order, customised for me and shipped from Australia. It makes me feel happy. Plus I'm going through a birdy obsession.

Supporting handmade. And South African. Small surprises delivered in interesting brown envelopes, with handwritten thank-you notes. I may start forcing cashiers to write thank-you notes on all my receipts. It's beautiful.

Potentially the cutest birdy bowl ever. Handmade, of course.

New York in a bag. We bought this at MoMA and it's been lying in the TV unit ever since. Until now. Teaching Immy all the different buildings, because hearing her pronounce Guggenheim is kind of fun. That's the round one, by the way.

Flowers in her room because she loves them. And these books.

When I was a child, these books were my favourite. They lived in a bookcase in the living room. Next to the set of blue encyclopaedias. My best friend lived next door, and when we had sleepovers, we would pick a book and read aloud to each other. Each taking turns with a page. Louis Pasteur, Helen Keller, Marie Curie. She recently visited from Australia, and when she saw these in Immy's bookshelf, her face lit up. We reminisced. 25 years of friendship.

I am not very sentimental about stuff. I don't keep old love letters, birthday cards, school report cards. I didn't even keep track of all of Immy's firsts. But oh! These BOOKS.

 When I looked them up on the web, I saw that they are now mostly out of print. Something precious, preserved. I have my mom to thank - she's kept them all these years for her grandchildren.

Another generation of memories, I hope.

Old versus new. A dresser refresh.

These blue blue eyes, and silky blond hair.  Especially loving the bronze eye shadow applied to eyebrow and bridge of nose.

My lovely.

I love how she expresses spring freedom. Lighter clothes, bare feet and riding through puddles on her bike. As for me, I'm soaking it in. The greens and blues and summer hues.

Come in, Spring, and stay a while. We're oh-so-happy to have you.

~ m