Capital Urban Market

We are getting our summer groove on with outdoor markets, plans for picnics, holiday anticipation  and long lazy days.

After recovering from the Spring Walk, we headed out last Sunday to the first showcasing of Capital Urban Market. Think hay bales covered in bright checked cloth, handmade local trinkets and treasures, and food and drink aplenty.  We spent a sunny morning browsing, drinking icy cooldrinks, and buying things we didn't really need because they were cute and cheap and there was just so much to choose from. By we, of course, I mean me.

In the interest of honesty, and fair play, I must point out that the photos I secretly wish I had taken of the market can be found here.

Dipped wooden spoons. Immy chose a pink one with a heart. It's her special one for when we bake.

Our fairy was pretty hot and tired by the end of it all. Frankly, so were we. So we ended up at our local pizza place with a great play area, cold cocktails and arguably the best pizzas in town.

To outdoor markets, and spring.