Keep Calm and eat a Bounty

What started off as a bad morning turned into a  bad day of monstrous and epic proportions.

I am grateful that when I have mornings like this, I can arrive at the office, make a good cup of coffee and have a conversation with my lovely friend - an older and wiser mama than me - that goes something like this.

Me: I AM THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD (followed by entire story in painstaking detail).

Her: YOU ARE NOT THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD (followed by many assurances and examples of why she has this viewpoint).

I take great comfort in these conversations because her daughters are almost grown and haven't thrown her over yet. There is hope, then.


My friend has a bouncy, giggling, beautifully happy 8-month old baby. I remember Immy being that age, and me being constantly surprised by what a good mother I was. I never got impatient, absolutely never yelled and thought that at last my hot-tempered days were behind me and I was going to be the very model of saintly motherhood.

Fast forward 3 years. My daughter has a personality and a MIGHTY will of her own. And she can TALK. BACK. And all of a sudden, it's not always that easy to Keep Calm and Be the Best Mom in the World.

Our children are gifted to us. We are the custodians of their happiness, their wellbeing, their emotional and physical security. We are their teachers, and they are ours. I have learned more about myself - and the person I would like to be - in my almost-four years of motherhood than my entire life before that. Mistakes are okay, and my lovely daughter forgives me for them. But she is my  constant reminder that I should always try to be the best person I can be. The rest - mother, wife, daughter, sister, colleague and friend - just follows. I am a far, far way from where I would like to be, and days like today remind me of this.

Well. Since our day started off pretty badly, we turned it upside down and ended it like this. A candle-lit hamburgers-and-chips picnic on the living room floor.

We read The Rainbabies. And she fell asleep in my arms in her bed. The only good thing about bad days is that they always have the potential of ending well.

To end, my top three Keep Calm strategies for this awful day.

Keep Calm and...

- Buy a bunch of flowers
- Phone a friend
- Try very hard not to hit people who annoy you

Good night.