DIY Kids Art

A friend of mine recently pinned an art project for little kids on Pinterest. I liked the look of it - mostly - and thought it would be a fun way for Immy and I to spend some time together, create something cute for her wall and use up some of our art supplies lying around. So many birds, this one stone.

This is how we did it.

Get a smallish, cheapish white canvas. Honestly, it's not going to be Water Lilies or anything. Stick some tape randomly across it to make some geometric shapes and then get to the fun part.


A small roller is great for tiny hands, and gives  a nice texture.

When all the sections were done, it looked something like this. As you can tell, we weren't too precious about staying in the lines or anything.

I thought a plain painted canvas would be a bit boring, and we already had some very pretty 3D butterfly stickers that I'd bought at an art shop ages ago. Since the theme for this corner of the room is going to be Butterflies and Birds, I figured these would work very nicely.

After realising that actually watching paint dry isn't all it's cracked up to be, we headed outside for some exercise and sunshine.

Once the canvas was completely dry, we carried on with the next and best part of the project - peeling the tape off. A bit like covering your hand in Ponal Wood Glue as a kid and then peeling it off in one go. Or maybe that was just me.


Time for the stickers.

And that's it! She is SO excited that we are going to put it up on her wall - we just need to finish it off with a few more stickers and fairy dust.

In the meantime, I am contributing to the Birds and Butterflies corner by making some peace doves to hang from her ceiling. Luckily I'm married to an architect, because those reverse inward folds are so tricky.

Very excited to spruce up her room with some more fun and quirky discoveries.

Happy creating!