It's winter. And we have been stockpiling some cosiness in our home. Crackling log fires and toasted marshmallows. Old-fashioned cups of real cocoa. Snuggling into warm beds to read stories and have long afternoon naps while the shadows lengthen and the temperature drops.

This post is extremely overdue. Our Father's Day celebrations slipped under the blogging radar, now to be remembered and published. Father's Day incidentally was also the day we did our lovely photo shoot, so I kept back a few good ones of Rob and Immy to use here.
First off: the gifts. Rob has been fixated for absolute ages on making pies. Not pies the way we know them in South Africa, but real American pies with a crust and a filling and a list of ingredients as long as your arm. I'm sure he is the ONLY father who received a red pie dish for Father's Day this year - along with a rolling pin and ceramic baking beans. Ahem. Not very manly as these things go, but there you have it. His first attempt was a strawberry and almond pie, and it was disturbingly good.

We kicked off Father's Day with a champagne breakfast. The ladies mostly made the breakfast and the men mostly drank the champagne.

Immy gave Grampy a lesson on the fine art of how to play Counting Caterpillar.

These stripey tights and her choice of outfit. My best.

It was a fabulous morning. And when the coffee was finished and all that was left of the croissants were a few crumbs, we set off for our photo shoot. Looking back, I'm so glad we did it on Father's Day because these pictures are such a celebration of love and family and a daddy that's our perfect fit.

It makes me feel glad that every day the sun goes down a fraction later. We are inching our way towards summer, and picnics and holidays and other good things.

Meanwhile, we're keeping things comfy in other ways.

NY slipper socks. Loads of candle-lit bubble baths. Yellow flowers. Hide and seek. Which is not always extremely challenging when playing with a 3-year old.

Mmm. Where could she be?

Best of all - a new pile of books. Including imaginative, lyrical children's books. Our current favourite is I took the Moon for a walk. The words and pictures are just gorgeous.

An excerpt:

I took the Moon for a walk last night.
It followed behind like a still, summer kite
Though there wasn't a string or a tail in sight
When I took the Moon for a walk.

And yes. That IS another cookbook to add to my collection of never-cooked-from cookbooks. Stop judging me!

Hope you're all keepin' cosy. Happy winter.


I just love this post! I had a bad day yesterday and it was so nice to wake up and read it this morning. It's so beautifully written and the photos are amazeballs!