Hope Springs

We are gearing up and are almost ready for our Big Trip. We spent the whole of Saturday shopping ('cos you know they don't have shops in New York), signing the debit card receipts with one hand while covering our eyes with the other. Passports are ready, dinner jackets procured and comfy walking shoes ticked off the list.

Side note. Men really don't get shopping. I was trying on these gorgeous (cheap-ish) sunglasses in one of the shops. Rob, very suprised, exclaims 'Sunglasses aren't on the list'. Ever the long-suffering wife, I had to explain the fundamentals of shopping to him yet again. That just because it's not on a list, doesn't mean we can't look at it, try it on as many times as necessary and then buy it if we like it.

Hunters vs. gatherers.


In the meantime, summer is slipping away with a sigh. The days are warm, no longer sweltering. Mornings and evenings are darker, earlier. Apart from a tree in our front yard which is seasonally-confused (it has just blossomed again for the third time since summer started - fresh tiny green leaves??), the leaves are starting to turn. And that pale, weak wintery sunlight is already starting. I'm not good with winter. Despite my best intentions, and layers of clothing and a roaring fire every night, I am always cold. The pale light gets me down. The bare trees and dry, dusty lawns aren't good for my soul.

I know, I know. I should focus on the good. So far I can only think of 3 things:

1. My electric blanket.
2. Our fireplace
3. Ahem. I'll get back to you when I think of a third.

So in an attempt to fend off winter a little longer, this post is our Last True Summer Day post. A day at the park. Picnic basket stocked, swimming cozzie packed and books for the grown-ups (hope springs eternal. We read in relays - one jumping up to play with Immy, checking that she didn't throw herself off the monkey bars or fall into the pool - while the other read for about 5 minutes before we exchanged places). Good times.


And then...a friend. Which just goes to show that Barney, although strange and purple and very annoying, is spot-on when he says: Everything's better with a friend...

Oh! I just thought of a third good thing about winter: eventually, it comes to an end. And then glorious summer starts all over again.  

Like I said, hope springs.