The Purple Sherlock and other stories

Rob is always on the lookout for cute clothes and shoes for Immy. He comes home with photos of things he's seen in the shops, so that I can decide whether we like them or not. But sometimes he finds something irresistable, which he just knows we will all unanimously love.

Like these.

She calls them her spark-ely shoes, and she wants to wear them all the time, with everything.

The first day she wore these to school, she chose this all purple outfit. We didn't have purple socks, so had to make do with these. Once they were on and the shoes were tied, she looked forlornly at her feet. And said: 'Mom. I'm not happy.' Well. Rob was dispatched at lunchtime to buy a pack of purple socks. I mean, non-matching socks? An outrage.

While I was getting ready for work, she was investigating the Mysterious Case of the Weeds in the Cracks outside the Back Door.
 We've had a quiet week, enjoying quiet family moments. Like bedtime reading, and hers 'n hers manicures. And pillow fighting, which has become a nightly ritual.
We've also been feathering our nest a bit this week. Yuppie Chef just makes this so easy. So many things in our kitchen were gifts when we got married, which makes them 10 years old now.

Like the Lazy Susan: which has to have bottles distributed just right or else it looks like this.
 Replaced by this Joseph&Jospeph worktop saver. Step up, yes?
The promised coffee table pic...strategic photos taken so as not to show the hideous clunky black tv-unit which is the next thing to be replaced.

Cute solitaire game that we bought on our family holiday to Mauritius last year. Its been hidden in a dusty corner, just waiting for us to get our act together.
It's taken me ages to write this post because it's just - well, a bit boring I guess. No wonderful new places that we've explored, or exciting news to share. But then I thought - in 5 or 10 years from now,  I would have forgotten the shoes and how she loved them, and how she enjoyed pillow fighting and painting tiny nails. And I will love - LOVE - that I can read this post and remember again.
There you have it. More interesting posts to follow.


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LOVE the "purple Sherlock" pics and LOVE the coffee table!
Melanie said…
Made me smile! :-)