The Big One Oh!

Thursday the 28th is our 10th wedding anniversary. I have been scouring the Internet for gift ideas for Rob. On a tiny budget, since we are splurging on our Great New York Anniversary Adventure in April. I laughed out loud at some of the ideas I came across. Like converting a photograph of yourself (or even worse! your husband) into a watercolour painting. Clearly this makes a wonderful gift for lots of husbands - you'd be surprised how many people do this. Rob would be horrified. I once gave him a framed photo of myself when we were dating, and he's never let me live it down.

We've had loads of fun planning our NY itinerary. Also pre-paying for it, thanks Viator! A baseball game (pulled pork sandwiches?? I'm in!), Broadway tickets, walking tours, a harbour night cruise and TONS more stuff. 8 days is so little! We are so looking forward to another chapter in our book of travels.

Something happened earlier this week (not to us, just something that I saw) that made me really look at my life and all the things that I sometimes take for granted.Things that make me happy and that we're so lucky to have.  Like a healthy, gorgeous child. Doting grandparents for Immy, who are always happy to help us out in a pinch, and who love to look after her. Summer days. Tiny ballet shoes and 3-year old first positions. Holidays. Date nights. New books. Bedtime reading. Breathing Immy in when she's sleeping at night.

Since this is a post about our anniversary, I guess a few thoughts on marriage would be apt. My friend asked me the other day what I think makes a marriage work. Frankly, I have no idea. Respect, patience, and a lot of LUCK I think. Small kindnesses also help - like how he parks my car in the garage every night because I just...well, don't. And phones me when he's leaving work to ask if I need anything from the shops. Jumps with Immy for ages on the trampoline because it makes her happy. NOT so much how he drives me MAD searching frantically for things that are nowhere to be found - in the morning when he's got one foot out of the door on the way to work. Marriage. Mostly it's good, sometimes it's stinky - but I guess that's what the for better or for worse clause is there for. Amen.

We're looking forward to a family anniversary celebration in the mountains this weekend. With our beautiful daughter, who is the brightest light of our 10 years so far.

For the nostalgia factor: some pics from our wedding day. Of course, that was in the day when photographers still used film in cameras, so that's why you have to squint at the photos to make them out. But oh! Weren't we young? And SKINNY? And look at that hair on Rob's head!

A toast to 10 years. And just a side note: the next Big One HAS to be a water villa in the Maldives. I've already picked the hotel.


New York collage photo credits, because I have to put them in. So that I don't go to jail.

Yankees stadium: Genta Masuda -
New York skyline: JD Lasica -
Cab photo: Young Yun -
Pretzel: Kino-glaz -
Brooklyn Bridge:
Statue of Liberty:


Chetan said…
Hi, Megan and Rob
Congrats on the big 10. Hope you guys enjoy the trip and take lots of photos. Looking forward to the blogs from that.