Love Books

When I grow up I want to have a bookshop just like Love Books in Melville. Mine will have a fireplace in the corner, with couches and deep sinky chairs.  Cute mugs, percolated coffee and tiny cupcakes. And an honour payment system that will work like a dream (well, for the coffee and cupcakes - not the books!) And I will spend all day reading, and will also wrap all my books in brown paper with pretty ribbon, and maybe throw in a cute bookmark or two for free. For fun. And for the love of books.

After 44 Stanley, we headed over to the Bamboo Lifestyle Centre. Specifically, to go and look at an antiques store there for a retro drinks trolley. Non-specifically, to browse around in Love Books where Rob had bought Immy the most fabulous book the day before (complete with brown paper wrapping and ribbon). Farmer Clegg. Watch out for the special mention later...

First order of business was the antiques store. Where we found the perfect drinks cart. Just like that. I wasn't sure at first (really? red melamine on the bottom and grey-and-white fake marble melamine on the top?) But I was totally sold when I saw the brass handle. Visions of me tripping my way through the living room, pulling the drinks cart behind me. It needs a total revamp, yes. But it's just the one. Antique stores are so interesting. One man's trash and all that. An ancient dentist's chair - SOLD! To whom, I wonder? Then again, maybe people wonder who in their right mind would buy an ancient melamine drinks cart with wonky wheels and plastic poles. Immy found a perfect-sized chair with some very dodgy-looking nails poking out of it that she parked herself in while we were in the business of trying to extricate the drinks cart from it's dark corner. And when the owner brought out the tricycle, well! Good times all round.

That small finger creeping towards the hole in the chair. Like a moth to a flame.

Um, no. Sorry Immy - mommy really doesn't know what that giant bottle in the cage is used for.

And then - Love Books. Words fail me. Love the cross-stitch labels, and the cute chandelier and the ribbony tree branch, and the selection of books. And the children's books!! Not sure how we settled on Aliens Love Underpants given the wide selection, but there you have it. And have I mentioned the brown paper wrapping and the ribbon AND the stamp? Immy got to help the lady stamp our books, which ended up a bit of a mess and left me wondering how I ended up with ink in MY eyebrow?

We left with more books. Fresh ones of course! A note for those with small children: Farmer Clegg's Night Out is the funnest (I know that's not a real word) book ever. Hilarious.

 And after we had loaded the drinks cart in the car, wrapped our books, run back into the bookshop to actually pay for the books, and run back one more time to pick up the forgotten denim jacket, we  headed over to our lovely Suttner-Stride friends for a quick visit and a moment of holding their gorgeous new baby. (Immy always sings her school song to this baby. We aren't sure why. But it's very cute).

This post should have been part of the previous one, but that would have made it crazy long. But that title - Just a perfect day - that's exactly what it was.

And as I type this with my laptop on our new coffee table, I'm thinking:  no buyer's remorse here, folks!


YAY! Now we are famous ; ) Next time we will take pics of Mika and Immy together, they are super super cute.