Undomestic Goddess

Today I almost burned the house down.

It all started so well. On Monday afternoons, Immy and I always have tea with my folks. I try to leave at 6pm sharp so that there is still plenty of time to bath her, and for us to sit down to a meal as a family. Today I was on top of things. Arrived home from work, and got the bolognese going for supper. This after I had already picked up my car licence disk on the way home (mental pat on the back).

With the sauce simmering gently on the stove, we dropped Thelma off, and then headed back home to make choc blocs. We got along marvellously, Immy breaking the Marie biscuits and enthusiastically beating the egg. I was thrilled to see that the mixture looked just right - maybe this time my choc blocs would actually set. You know what they say about third time lucky. We were ready - kitchen tidy, Marie biscuit fragments hoovered up off the floor and choc blocs cooling and setting in the fridge.

Now. At this point, I was struck with the thought that leaving the pot simmering on the stove for an hour while we were out was just looking for trouble. So I turned the plate off.

We spent a lovely hour with Grampy, drinking tea and eating shortbread biscuits and watching the first half of The Incredibles. At 6pm, I rounded Immy up, we said our goodbyes (always a protracted affair with the grandparents) and headed home.

And then. As I approached the back door to unlock it, I got a vile whiff of something. Burning something. I threw open the kitchen door, and was enshrouded in a cloud of thick smoke. I shouted at Immy to stay back (astonishing how an entire house can just fill up with smoke in such a short time).  Judging from the smoke billowing out from under the lid of the pot, I figured I hadn't quite turned the stove completely off. Instead, I had turned the dial all the way to what I thought was OFF, but since 6 is so sneakily positioned right next to 0 on the dial...well. Turns out my casual flick of the wrist stopped just one number short.

The smell in our house looks something like this.

Rob has already made two valiant rounds with the Airoma air freshener. Not even a dent.
The only person not complaining is Immy: I'm sure I saw a gleam in her eye when she saw the bitter end that the Naughty Spoon had come to.

Choc blocs? So fab.

And a special note to the parents: I know you are horrified. But I didn't actually burn it down, just almost. Thanks to that 6pm sharp rule!


Melanie said…
The choc blocs make up for everything ... they look great! :-)