The Pile #2

At last! Today our delivery arrived: new books for the pile (mine and Immy's), and the best alphabet cards ever.

A Year of Mornings is a book without words. This is a photographic collaboration between two women, who each day (more or less) for a year, posted a single moment from their mornings on to a blog. There was such a huge following, and people were so moved by it, that it became a book. Its beautiful. Not fancy - think photos of eggs in a bowl, a plait in a child's hair, or a misty morning telephone wire. I just get it. And love it. The kind of book you open at a random page, are absorbed (calmed, quieted) for a moment before getting back to the business of living.

Bird by Bird. All I know about this book is what it says on the cover. Sounds good to me.

And for Immy. Zoe and Beans, and the cutest - CUTEST- alphabet cards ever. I searched websites, read countless reviews, scoured Amazon. Yes, I know they are only cards with the ABC's on them. But I had to be sure. So thrilled with these.

We've already read Zoe and Beans 5 times today. 3 times this afternoon, and twice before bed tonight. By torchlight.

To end: a favourite quote. 'The more that you read, the more you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go'.

 By Dr. Seuss, of course. G'nite.


Melanie said…
Piles represent so much happiness -the expectation and the feeling of wealth! :-)
That's the one con with the Kindle... no pile to create that excitement.