It is what it is

I follow quite a few blogs. One in particular inspires me: to be a better mom, better photographer, better person in general. The writer of the blog is a stay-at-home mom. Her photos are amazing: filled with the best light of day - rays slanting through the woods at sunset, morning rays slanting through the massive bay window in her dining room, slanting rays in the children's amazingly-decorated bedroom. Lots of slanting rays.

I wish my photos could be like that. And as much as I wish that I could take perfect pictures in perfect light streaming through the windows, that's not my life. I work. Yes, not a full day, but a big chunk of each day. And so my photos sometimes have weirdish light, because I have to take them late in the afternoon, or at night - or early in the morning, sans slanting rays.

And that's okay. Because that's when our living happens.

~ m


Melanie said…
What it is, is beautifu1! Keep taking the photos just as they are - they're lovely. :-)