Birthdays and bunting

We’ve had a lovely week of celebrating and enjoying.  

First up: Rob’s birthday. I baked an epic cake (note to self: always avoid recipes that have the word ‘easy’ in them). Actually, the cake itselt wasn't epic, but the baking of it was. I use the term baking loosely, because many other actions were involved in the construction of this birthday cake: sweating (me, not the cake), sinking, crumbling, patching, under-the-breath cursing and muttering. The cake was in fact baked because I was dead keen on making cake bunting, and frankly I needed a placeholder. Said placeholder was finally finished at midnight, at which point I virtually threw it onto the cake stand and fell into bed.
With all the Valentine's crafting going on, the wrapping and presentation were distinctly love-themed.
 Aaaah. The bunting. Cake drama totally worth it.
Immy was extremely helpful in divesting the presents of their brown-paper wrapping.
Earlier in the week, I took her shopping to choose a present for her daddy. Her own choice, gift bag included. He narrowly avoided a camo-boat with action figure, and a bright pink Happy Birthday! bag with curly silver writing. The final product? A drill, and a bottle of Hello Kitty bubbles. And a perfectly respectable airplane gift bag, in black and white.

The dust hadn't even settled, and there she was, plate at the ready for some 'pupcake'. A hairbrush and some water wouldn't have gone amiss, either.

Rob had to work late. No fancy dinner or lavish home-cooked meal. I couldn't anyway, because post-birthday was also pre-Valentine's, and I had a lot to finish. But our before-work morning celebration was cozy, and happy.

And that cake was delicious. 3 inches of icing-in-the-middle and all.