Be my Balentime

I heart Valentine's Day.  I love how the florists are so busy (went into one to buy flowers for Immy's teachers), and the shops are full of cheesy gifts and chocolates and that there is an official day in the calendar for celebrating the people we love.  And the fact that even though Rob and I never discuss ‘official’ Valentine’s plans, we are always secretly both planning something nice for Valentine’s Day. It makes me feel happy - and lucky - that after 10 years of marriage, and 15 years of being together, we both still feel Valentine's Day is worth a celebration. I'll drink to that.

Of course, Valentine’s Day at Immy’s school is also an occasion. I had to dress her in red, and pack a snack for their Valentine’s picnic. Very excited, me. I spent a week cutting out hearts, and painting them, and making a necklace and a matching V-day ring, and bought a V-day hat and everything. Oh, and gifts for the teachers, and a small but special gift for my little Balentime.

I snuck into her room the night before (aah, the hearts garland making it's second appearance). She loves, loves, loves jelly beans - and these ones came in a perfect valentine hue. A cute bottle, some twine and a heart and voila! I figured a flower pinwheel would be so much more fun than an actual flower.

 'Look mama. Its Balentime's Day!'

Ready for school. Lunch box packed, teacher's gifts ready. She was mad about the heart-shaped sandwiches, and we were still good friends. And then came the outside photos.

Immy hates posing for photos. That is why so many of the photos are of bits of her only - I am used to taking what I can get. Normally I am quite sensible and grown-up about this, with an it is what it is attitude to things. Valentine's morning however, my common sense module was elusive and we had a fight. Over nothing. She didn't want to pose in the shade, or the sun, or facing the camera. Or anything. But as we do, we kissed and made up and held hands at the robots on the way to school.

Anyway, these were the pics I managed to get (thanks to the snail she found in the grass).

I like to call this outfit: 50 shades of red. She chose the crocs, because they 'Look mama, they matching!'

Jewellery: models own choice. Although the heart necklace that I had spent an entire evening making was non-negotiable. I do so love having a little girl.

And then it was evening. I had picked up a gorgeous picnic box from Antoinette's, for a romantic at-home dinner. Since the dinner would have been less romantic with our beautiful daughter in attendance, we set up her own little love-themed table outside in the garden. She loved it. Al fresco is her favourite thing.

(yes, I know this chair is amazing. It was a babyshower gift from my one-of-a-kind friend Nathalie. We  use it every day.)

And then the grand finale - dinner a deux. Observe beautiful flowers in vase which were delivered to my office. I hope they were from Rob, because there wasn't a note. As is his way. Also observe third use in two days of hearts garland. Reduce, re-use, recycle.

 I was looking for a nice quote to end this post. But that just wouldn't be us.

Happy Balentime's Day.

Love, the Armstrongs.


Megs, Immy is so lucky to have a mama who always goes above and beyond to make life special for her! She will always have such beautiful memories of her childhood.

It makes me smile to see the chair is still in use. :-)