Bakers Friday

Every 2nd Friday is Bakers Friday at Immy’s lovely little school. One ‘little baker’ per class is nominated, and the idea is that ‘little baker’ and ‘little baker’s mom’ spend some quality time making something yummy for all the kids in the class. On the day, Little Baker gets to wear a special apron and man the cash register – taking a R5 coin from each child, and handing over the ‘goods’  in return. Very cute.  Feeling a bit stressy since we were first up for the term, and I had no idea what to make, I asked the teacher what the parents normally bring. Her reply?  Woolies cupcakes. 

Flashback to when I was a kid - before all the fancy party décor and 3D cupcakes and jumping castles. In those days, you were lucky if you got a piece of cake, a toothpick with pieces of vienna sandwiched between blocks of cheddar cheese (and one of those green or white or red cocktail onions if you were really, super lucky) and something sweet. Like a clown cone or a Boudoir biscuit racing car. And so my Bakers Friday plan was born. Clown cones it was.

On Thursday afternoon we were ready. Hands washed. Dining room table covered in brown paper. Ingredients ready. Enthusiasm undiminished.

Step 1. Fill the cone with an assortment of sweets. Immy's version: fill the cone with only purple speckled eggs. She fills, I surreptitiously refill.
Step 2: Ice the Marie biscuit. This entails stirring the icing sugar until dissolved, and then licking the brush. Just to check. Then paint the icing sugar onto the Marie biscuit. Then eat the Marie biscuit. Begin Step 2 again.

Repeat steps 1 & 2.

Step 3: Attach jelly tot buttons to the cone. Also make sure to eat defective, siamese-twin jelly tots.

Step 4: Quality assurance.

And there it is! Our first finished cone. After about an hour. Only 24 more cones to go.

Another 2 cones, and my little baker ventured off to pursue other interests.

So Ma Baker carried on until, eventually, I had a sea of faceless clowns. Some with slipping-down jelly tot buttons which I pretended not to notice.

And then it was Rob's turn. As the graphic designer and architect of the family, he is automatically responsible for all things requiring an artistic touch. So clown faces were on him.
He was great. He first practiced on the brown paper with a pen (2 faces). And then on two marshmallows, both sides of each. And then finally began the painstaking job of painting clown faces with a paintbrush and food colouring onto each marshmallow. While the sun set, and the little baker bathed and the supper remained uncooked.

The final product. 25 smiling, slightly creepy, clown cones.
I wish I could have seen my little baker handing out her cones. Apparently, they were a big hit.

Next Bakers Friday? I might just reconsider Woolies cupcakes...



Melanie said…
Wonderful! It looked like quite a bit of fun. Well done to both bakers. :-)