Duncan Yard

The only thing I knew about Duncan Yard is that it's the location of a French vintage shop called Moi Decor that I had been wanting to go to for absolute ages. As part of my find-the-perfect-vintage-quilt obsession, I was keen to see if they had anything because their website specifically mentioned quilts. I am still searching for the perfect quilt (etsy, eBay, Amazon - I know it's out there!) but oh! the ribbons (doily ribbons) and washi tape and stripey paper straws...

Good coffee, shaded cobbled walkways, a tiny florist and cute clothing and art and off-the-beaten track shops is what you'll find. And bicyles. Lots of old-fashioned black bicyles just standing around or serving as props for potted herbs.

Have a Turkish Delight cupcake and spend a lazy morning wandering around. You'll be glad you did.