Summer Snaps

It's not even the end of January, and our December holiday is already a distant memory. Carefree sunny days, and long afternoon naps. Swimming, and day trips, and blowing bubbles. Rob chose five of his favourite holiday pics and turned them into these gorgeous postcards, which I have been meaning to post for absolute ages because they just make me feel happy.

So without further ado...


A handful of my holiday favourites... 
We took a day trip Montecasino Bird Park, and bought some nectar for her to give to these birds. She waited so patiently with her little cup - and when this little bird bent his head to drink, her face absolutely lit up. I caught this just as she looked at her daddy...




We look at photos and relive memories and wish it was holidays again (or still) but in reality our days are about living the routines that shape our lives. So we dream - and Google. Holiday places, trips, ideas, inspiration - so many things to look forward to this year.


~ a 10th wedding anniversary celebration
~ ballet concerts and wonky pottery class creations
~ crafty projects and DIY decor
~ a trip to the mountains
~ finding the perfect antique drinks trolley to revamp
~ new books
~ ice cream parties and baking and making
~ learning to ride a bicycle
~ finding new places to explore

And...will this be the year for...camping?


Philip said…
Nice post, I also woke up this morning realizing that we are now almost in Feb!
Ramblings said…
Love the pictures and the post absolutely portrays the happy summer days! :-)