On bubbles, ballet and decisions

Decisions. My close friends know that I am notoriously bad at making them. I weigh up the options, ask people's advice, think about the pros and cons and agonize over whether I am making the right choice. Its a bit like an Olympic sport with me, and I always want to be the winner of the gold medal. Problem is, you often don't know at the time whether you are making the right choice. Rather, you are determining a path - and mostly one that you can alter the course of if you choose. I know this in my mind, but in my heart - well. And when it comes to Immy, it's all that much more difficult. All the what if's - and really, we're not talking life-changing things here. Which extra-murals she should take, whether or not we should get a family dog (okay - that's a big one!), should I keep her home one or two days a week. This last one was something I have been struggling with a bit this week - until today she said 'I want to go to school everyday'. Enough said.
So while I wrestle with a few questions and choices I need to make, I'll focus on the things that I know are right. For sure.
Like signing her up for real ballet classes and watching that small seed grow.
Marvelling at how she throws herself into playing. She is without fail the dirtiest child at her nursery school when I arrive in the afternoon, and that's after they have already changed her into the spare clean clothes I pack every day. And then being grateful that Rob is still in charge of bath time and I don't have to worry about cleaning those black feet.
Trampoline hair. Wanna rumble?
Enjoying small snatches of time that end up in moments worth remembering. 
Loving and learning from our free spirit every day. 
To letting go - and just enjoying.