Falling to love

We are in the garden. Immy is down for her nap, and we are enjoying the peace and quiet of our  second-last day of holiday. It is impossible to believe that our December holidays are just about over. There's just something about having the family all together for a few weeks on end, enjoying each other's company and all the lazy things we never get around to doing when we are in the swing of the new year. As Immy endearingly asks almost every day: is it holidays today? Because she knows holidays means movies, and ice-creams, and swimming and finding adventures - and that if tomorrow is also holidays then it's likely to start all over again.

A note on the title of the post. A while ago, I crept into Immy's bed early one morning. She was in that awake but semi-sleepy state, and we were sharing her pillow, facing each other. Just looking into each other's eyes and smiling. And out of the blue, she said: Mommy? Are we falling to love?
Honestly, a heart can burst. Mine came pretty close that day.

With precious few days left of our holiday, we rounded up some friends yesterday and headed out for the day to the Valley of the Waves. Which is a far drive. Crowded. Hot. And so worth it.

Enjoyed ice-cream

and swimming

and smiling
and climbing

(those eyes)
(those curls)
and sifting

and the River Ride

and wave jumping

and splashing
And a little bit of sharing the love

 At 5:30pm we called it a day. Sun-kissed, sticky, sandy and oh so tired.

Falling to love? So much of...


Aw, that "falling to love" moment is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.