Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Deck the halls

A small post. On decorations.

Now that Immy is getting older, I feel so responsible for storing up amazing memories for her. The things she will look back on one day, that will help her understand in some small way how very much we love her. And enjoy her. Even when she doesn't react the way we want (me: do you love the Christmas tree? Her: nah, not really). Oh well.

As is tradition, on the 1st of December, we decked the halls.

I was in Mr. Price Home with her, when she spotted these galvanised tin 'advent' buckets - and fell in love. She was so delighted with them that total strangers were stopping to smile at her enthusiasm - how could I not get them? Below the finished product, once I had made all the 'cantivities' as she calls them...

Her letter to Father Christmas was duly written, glittered, stickered and posted in an envelope in a special pinecone bucket next to the fireplace.

This year I wanted to move away from the emphasis on gifts and wrapping and stuff - and focus more on time with loved ones, making memories and appreciating the smaller, less obvious blessings. I wanted homey brown paper wrapping, and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  And though I looked everywhere for a HUGE tree, I couldn't find one so we had to make do with last year's tree. And it was beautiful...



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